Andrés Labs

“I remember being three years old in my living room, sitting in front of a Hi-Fi system, listening to music with huge headphones, and being enthralled with the sounds. As a teenager, I fulfilled my fantasy of forming a band. Argentina is a country with a huge musical culture. Although I loved grunge, I also listened to funk, jazz, tango… When I swapped Mar de Plata for Ibiza, I put the drums and guitar aside because electronic music blew my mind! My first job was in a bar in Caló des Moró. I spent hours collecting, recording and trying to mix everything on old Denon equipment to provide the sunset soundtrack. Ten years ago, I was lucky enough to start working in this family called Nassau Group with talented people such as Mariano Somoza, David Crops and Alex Kentucky, DJs who marked my musical taste. Because music is more than sounds, it is moments, stories and memories, that place where we meet. Magic.”