“I was born in Andorra, and at the age of twenty-three, I went to Ibiza for the first time. Love took me to the island. From a very young age, music was a solitary passion. I would come home from school, drop my backpack, and start my record player. While listening, I would close my eyes, sing and dance; it was the best moment of the day. If there is something that defines me as a DJ, it is joy, and that is what I radiate during my sets. Attitude and music form an explosive cocktail. Versatility is another word that defines me, and continual reinvention is one of my virtues. I feel comfortable with distinct styles. They have to be songs that make me vibrate: if I vibrate, people vibrate with me. Two songs that have left their mark on me, giving me moments of pure magic, are Blackwater, by Octave One Knights Of The Jaguar by DJ Rolando (for me, a masterpiece). Just preparing to put them on makes my hair stand on end!.”